Today nobody cares

Alot of inspiration for this post comes from the book Empire of Illusion:


O the joys of it. Facebook, Twitter, Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, NFL, Xbox, alcohol, the list goes on and on…..

Congratulations corporations, you have successfully taken away the power to change anything from the common man. All we care about is when we will get our next dose of Fun. And we as people of this great country that has given us so much sit here and enjoy these things as our country collapses around us.

Now don’t get me wrong. Fun is a GOOD thing. But the over saturation of it causes a desensitization of what is really going on in the world. Today nobody cares about politics, legislation, ongoing wars, its just “O well there’s nothing I can do about it”, or “This is boring”. Yes, quite frankly it is. And it is for that very reason. Why would we want the people to pay attention while we slowly infringe on American freedom? Why should we tell them that we spend over half our federal budget on defense weapons? While this money can be used to try and at least salvage a weak economy. It is designed to keep you excluded.

Our lives have become too selfish and individualistic. It’s all about what “I” want and “As long as it doesn’t effect me” attitudes that are causing this gap in information. And the people in power will be happy to oblige. It’s not until you look up and see that you have been affected that you realize it’s too late.

Sit down and read Fahrenheit 451 and tell me we aren’t headed in that direction….

“Today nobody cares, but o tomorrow, they will” – Lupe Fiasco




About isaiahreed

Currently a student in the class of life, an aspiring writer, musician, dreamer, poet, and realizing that life only comes once so follow your dreams
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