Buy It!

I want it all…..

Money, Cars, Clothes, Fame, Women……

The American Dream right?

Its amazing how we are taught to think that more is always better. And it doesn’t help that our natural animal instinct says “the more you have, the better you can survive”. But it’s almost gotten to a point where it doesn’t seem right. All these things I see on TV and advertised on the internet. All the smiles and promises of happiness. The constant persuasion that “this is the product for you”. It’s insane how far we have let it come from just a billboard or an ad in a newspaper.

Have you ever just looked around you apartment, dorm, or home and looked at all the things that you no longer use? I know for a fact that there is something there that at one time was your most prized possession, and is now buried under a heap of dirt and dust. It seems like all we long for is that jolt of unexplainable happiness that occurs when we have made a new purchase. Now YOU can have all the fun and pleasure that everyone else is having who you saw on TV. Now you KNOW this is going to make you happy.

It is quite simply an addiction. An addiction that in no way, shape, or form any corporation in America wants you to cure. I have the same thing. I have purchased 4 game consoles in 2 years. I HAVE to have the latest and greatest smartphone. I HAVE to have a new high end laptop. I HAVE to have this new TV. The list just never seems to stop. Ever since I was old enough to have my own money, I have been sucked into this vacuum of consumerism. And I despise it.

“I won’t buy it if I know I can’t afford it”. Tell me another joke. That shiny credit card in your pocket says otherwise. Money that you do not have, you’re spending. It’s the art of living beyond your means, and we act like it’s ok. There wouldn’t be foreclosures and high bankruptcy rates if we as people just say “We don’t need that.” and start saving money for a change.

Check your motivation for next time you go out and purchase something. Detach yourself from your emotions and look at them. What is pushing you so hard to buy this product? If you can’t logically justify the reason. Then what’s the point?


About isaiahreed

Currently a student in the class of life, an aspiring writer, musician, dreamer, poet, and realizing that life only comes once so follow your dreams
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