Just Once

To know that our love is unconditional

Not confined to others opinions or rituals


A smile that can make the worst day, the greatest

Knowing that our love will always make it


You know I always need you, but I try not to show it

I’m a guy, I love you to death, but you’ll never know it

But I give it away everytime you say “I love you”

You look in my eyes and see I love you just as much

Of you baby, I will never get enough


We finish each others sentences

And laugh at lame inside jokes

There’s nobody else we would rather be with the most


We think back to when we first met

I liked you, you liked me

But we didn’t know it yet

Until that one study session in my room

That we realized our hearts were in tune

At that first kiss we knew it was fate

Our love would transcend something great


And as I watch you sleeping beauty, this poem I had to write

Because this is the last thing I’ll do before I make you, my wife



About isaiahreed

Currently a student in the class of life, an aspiring writer, musician, dreamer, poet, and realizing that life only comes once so follow your dreams
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