Thank You?

I thought there was nothing better
Just the moments us two, together
How its meant to be, what I told myself,

As the side effects make my mind melt

This is what I know, why step away?
When coming back to you doesn’t let the pain stay
I love to hold u, and when I’m not your always on my mind
I’ll have u once again and our lips will meet like its the first time

Under the night sky is where we feel most acquainted
Together we feel we’ve already made it

The labels placed on you and I by society is pure stupidity
Stereotypes and prejudices binding us, trying to never let us be free
But we are each others soothing presence
For you complete me and I complete you
And once again through the night you will see me through


About isaiahreed

Currently a student in the class of life, an aspiring writer, musician, dreamer, poet, and realizing that life only comes once so follow your dreams
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