Its been awhile

Its been a while since my last post….

I can’t say its because I’ve been busy since I’ve had ample time to come up with new content that I would like to post. But I just haven’t. Because it seems like this en devour is becoming like many others I have attempted.

An idea not seen through to completion.

It’s about time I face the facts, I have a tendency to quit on alot of things, or if not that am too lazy to put in the work to do them. Just admitting this makes it feel like reality has come and slapped me in the face.

How can you be successful if your not willing to put in the work?

It’s just not possible. So at this moment I’m changing the purpose of this blog.

Originally I wanted a self-help blog to try and give advice and guide people through possible difficulties they may be having in life. But if I haven’t even figured it out yet how am I supposed to tell other people?

So this is more of an online journal now, something that reveals the progression of Isaiah Reed. So now you ask, “Why do I care?”

You don’t have to, just go ahead and hit up Facebook like you originally intended and go about your business. I used to be concerned about the number of site hits I had, and the number of people that really liked this page. Not anymore, I would still like to hear input if you have some, but either way this blog isn’t going to change.

I am not quitting on this blog by no stretch of the imagination. Just re-evaluating its purpose.

So I declare this Post #1……of the story of Mr.Reed….


About isaiahreed

Currently a student in the class of life, an aspiring writer, musician, dreamer, poet, and realizing that life only comes once so follow your dreams
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